The Newbie is Too Strong

The Newbie is Too Strong

The Newbie is Too Strong is a thrilling Action series, brought to life by the talented duo of JShin Jung-Min (신정민), Ssikku (씨꾸), Itbaem (잇뱀), and Midas. First serialized in 2022 on Naver, this series updates every Wednesday on Naver and every Thursday on

The Newbie is Too Strong Manga

Follow the story of JaeJu, a skillful orphan who embarks on a journey to save his orphanage from closing. While raising funds for the orphanage, JaeJu stumbles upon a video of himself climbing a mysterious tower as a BJ. Intrigued by the video, he sets out to investigate, only to discover that he has no memory of the climb.

As he streams his climb, JaeJu quickly gains a massive following due to his incredible skill and ability to defeat powerful monsters with ease. His rise to fame, however, attracts the attention of other Awakened, who see him as a threat to their own power.

With dangerous alliances and battles against powerful foes, JaeJu must navigate his way to the top of the tower, uncovering the secrets of his past and forging new friendships along the way.

The Newbie is Too Strong Manhwa

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Join JaeJu on his epic journey and witness his incredible strength and determination as he becomes one of the strongest Awakened in the tower.